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Originally Posted by kenmore99 View Post
What would YOU do in this situation--The guy next door to my 160 acre tract is upset I wont let him hunt whenever he pleases--so everytime I go deer hunting (an hour long drive) to the property he waits until I get in my stand and releases 4 of his coon hounds onto my property to raise caine and hoot and holler and ruin the evening hunt--I have called the game warden who stated to take them to a pound where he will have to pay a fee to get the dogs but that is another hour long drive...any suggestions
Let me explain why I would take legal steps first, then why I would shoot the dogs. I don't want anyone thinking I would just enjoy shooting them dogs..
The Legal, sportsman like thing to do is give the guy a warning and hope he complies, Especially after he knows the game wardens wrote up a formal warning.. Now in this case, Kenmore99 says the neighbor waits to release his dogs after he gets on stand,, Come on now , Kenmore is trying to hunt his own land and has every right to do so,, After the guy had warnings from game wardens, If he still insists on releasing those dogs I would without question or hesitation, Absolutely shoot the dogs,, Trust me If it's legal in kenmores area to shoot the dogs after the owner has been warned, that neighbor will surely think twice about releasing them again, He surely doesnt want to lose a dog or 2 Especially after he's spent 1,000 to 1,500 for each dog...
It stinks to have to resort to such harsh tactics like shooting a dog or 2 or even more but kenmore99 should be able to enjoy hunting his own land..

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