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First thing for me would be to scout the natural food sources. Oak trees especially. Then look for old travel routes, old buck rubs. Then I'd look for the most dense area I could find, this being a safety zone for the deer. Water looks to be fairly available so I look for well traveled routes to the water. You have to decide what you are willing to harvest, buck, doe or either. You'll get a fair idea of how many deer you have after the first scouting. I don't like hunting the ridge tops, hunting the low lands requires extreem scent control but if you can fight the bugs may give you a shot at a big buck moving in and out of his core bedding area. You need to be pretty good at getting into a bedding area without the buck knowing your there. Hunting slightly up-hill where 2-3 trails merge together may give you a great chance at does and middle grade bucks. Not sure of your exact rut period but it's my favorite time in the woods and when a nice buck can be taken. After you have given the area a good walk through let us know what you find and your game plan. I call it the chess game! Watch the ticks and snakes!!!!! I have several friends from NC that hunt in PA.
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