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Hey Guys, Thank You for your continued support. We're just moderators of this website, we're not mightier or better than anyone else here,
we are on an equal playing field with all the other members of the site, We have to abide by the rules of the site just like everyone else does.
If anyone was banned from the site, by any moderator, it was (without a doubt) for good reason.
The DHC is a growing website, we want more members, we encourage more members but
we cannot and will not accept anyone that only comes to the DHC to create Drama. SAVE IT FOR OPRAH !!!!

I'm sure I can say, "All of the moderators enjoy being here" we enjoy it because each of us have a supreme love for hunting and a huge desire to carry on family Traditions,
It's a heritage and tradition every one of us share... If we didn't, why would we subject ourselves to such nonsense and ridicule?

My personal advice to the original poster would be to peddle your wares somewhere else OR send me a personal message letting me know your original member name,
why you were banned and Why you would like to return to the DHC.
If you're willing to do that then the mods will take it into consideration and decide "together"
whether you should be allowed back on the DHC or not.

Happy Hunting...

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote.
-Benjamin Franklin

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