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Sorry I should have given you the web site...

Yes I have been looking for 9mm Luger myself after being given a couple 9mm pistols by my Dad, through his gun collection. It used to be I could go to Gander Mountain and buy 350 rounds of Blazer Brass 9mm for 90.xx. That same box of 350 is available for 180-200 online at One of my co-workers was waiting inline before Gander opened one morning just to buy ammo, and the next guy inline waits inline EVERY day just to buy ammo. The guy then sells it online for 100% profit. He was not a popular person in line after he offered that up. My friend said after he got to the counter and got his ammo, the guy from the line did buy whatever was available in 9mm or 223. It's legal to do this, but it is part of the problem. I don't have enough brass yet to start reloading for 9mm. I am lucky I have powder and primers. I hear it is hard to find primers for reloading. Most the big online sales sites like midway are showing their 9mm reloading bullets out of stock.

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