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Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr View Post
There is no shortage if you are willing to pay twice what someone else bought it for.Karl
If there is "no shortage,".......tell me who has the Ammo in house, and I'll go there and buy it, (twice the price or not). I haven't found one store ("mom and pop" or chain) that has .30-.30 shells or Rifled Slugs. Shelves are bare.
As to the Government and any contrived plan to limit access, ....I'd buy that argument if we were talking about military rounds for an AR-15, but not hunting rounds for a .30-.30.
License now in hand, and looking, I've got til September to acquire a box or two of each. For that's when I'm "supposed" to go on a hunt.
The State of CT where I live, will be making available in the next two weeks, (thru the State Police) "Certificate Applications" for the "right" to purchase Ammo. "No dollar cost" as far as I know, but yet, the Law. Another hoop to jump thru, to please the "man."

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