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If you want more info go to youtube for the long version

The Govt every year goes to it's suppliers and enters into contracts with them for everything they buy. The Ammo companies are no different. All the major ones signed contracts with the Govt for over 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo. Normally these contacts are not exercised unless time of War or emergency. All of the manufacturers are obligated to fill the orders from the Govt first. So if they activate their option to buy and give an amount of say 500 million rounds the next 500 million rounds made by that company go to the Govt. No one has been able to get a straight answer as to where the ammo is going but the Govt has activated ALL of its options this year. The people that say conspiracy say it's the Govt drying up the supply of ammo if it can't get the guns. Settle for the ammo they use. Decide for yourself after watching the videos. I personally think the Govt does want to dry up the supply if possible and the rest of the supply being available is going to People buying it to mark it up for a profit. There is no shortage if you are willing to pay twice what someone else bought it for.

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