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LOL ,several years ago my three uncles took me hunting, and though they are not identical they all look and dress just alike in camo. Well right before lunch Uncle Tim shoots a doe and it takes off. A few hundred yards away my Uncle John shoots the same doe. The doe stumbles off the ridge where my Uncle Buck is. He said she looked at him as he drew a bead on her and she just fell over dead. Swore up and down he killed her because when she saw that same hunter about to shoot her again she had a heart attack. Well they bickered like brothers till we cleaned her and they finally agreed that Uncle John's bullet is what killed her so she was his. Luckily we don't actually tag deer in SC except for when you buy extra doe tag for buck only hunts. This was an either sex day and a good thing because it wasn't going to be settled in the woods. But brothers will be brothers, for the most part the one that brings it down gets to claim it.

Thanks for bringing back some old memories

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