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In Tennessee it is legal to track a deer that you shot that ran onto private property. If the landowner says no they do not want you on their land you can simply call a game warden and they will go talk to the landowner for you. I dont know what the rules would be for a deer ranch of some sorts. In Tennessee it is a common courtesy to let the landowner know what you are doing. Around these parts most landowners would also give you a hand in tracking the deer. The only reason I would not track my deer in Tenn is if the private property land owners were in the woods hunting. I dont want to get shot or mess their hunt up so I would just wait for their hunt to end.

Hunters that take pot shots at deer tend to gripe my rear. If I miss the first shot or do not connect well then I still wait for another good clean shot. If the guy shot 5 or 6 more times than obviously his gun is way off, he is a bad shot or he was just taking pot shots at it. Probably pot shots. If you should be connecting on your shots and your not then STOP shooting. Get down and go the range before you kill somebody. If your that horrible of a shot then you dont need to be in the woods anyway. And never take pot shots at deer. 99% of the time your gonna miss or just wound the animal.

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