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Finding Ammo and Getting Licensed

I'm sure that some of you are experiencing the shortages in Ammo at your local store. I've been waiting since March for Hornady's (.30-.30) shells.

In a recent conversation with a Rep from that store, that happens to be located (apparently) near the Hornady plant, I was told that they are going all out (three shifts) to fill "government orders." What's THAT about?! I get that the "Government" orders might be priority if we were in a full-scale war (like WWII), but these days?

Along with that, I head off to my local Town Hall for my Hunting License for this year, for the first time ever. I was figuring on one fee ($19) and heard yesterday about a "Permit fee," (another $19). What's up with THAT?! I'll be hunting public (State) lands!

Then, I have to get my Application in to a neighboring State, where I'll be doing my actual hunting this year. That's another $115.00.

September is the target date for my first "official" hunting experience, although I'm no stranger to the woods and/or weapons. I'll take a week to go and hopefully things will go well. If I can walk away from the trip without Lyme Disease, and a respectable amount of meat for the freezer, I'll be content.

The "Hunter Safety Course" was well worth the time, and I highly recommend it if you haven't taken it. To be sure, it wasn't as detailed as some specific classes are, but when taught by folks who have experience (as most of the instructors do), you can pick up some neat tricks for staying healthy in the woods, and having success at finding and retrieving the kill that you are after.

More later...............


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