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I know my 10/22 Hates the Rem ammo but shoots very well with most others If you still have issues I would not hesitate to contact Ruger their Customer service is the best & usually have a Very fast turn around on service & repairs
I puchased a blemished 10/22 camo dip was coming off not a warranty issue for blemished guns but was affecting the functioning of the gun asked them to remove the camo. I didn't really care about it just wanted a basic 10/22 they ended up giving me everything new but the reciever which they sandblasted & repainted & I mean everything, Barrel, stock, Bolt, trigger assembly even a new 10 round mag & I had the gun back 2 days later
I will check with some people there & see if that is a known issue or not & let you know what they say
I have been hearing issues with ammo & guns from a lot of Manufactures due to the high demand I think the quality may be suffering a tiny bit by all trying to keep up
I know Ruger right now has a 2.1 Mil gun backlog & I can't believe they are the only ones suffering to keep up with demand
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