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Bad Scene on a Deer Stand!

Just this last seaon, I was on a stand from which I could see another hunter (also on a stand). We were on state land adjoining a private ranch that was posted. As usual, there were literally dozens of deer on the other side of the fence with several HUGE bucks in the group. Finally, one of the big bucks followed some does onto the state land. Unfortunately, it walked by the other hunter instead of me. Through my binoculars I saw him take a shot at the buck. All the does and the buck took off and jumped the fence back onto the posted ranch. From my position, I couldn't be sure that the deer was hit, but think it had been because, after going a couple of hundred yards, it just stopped and stood there. (The other deer all kept going.) The other hunter kept shooting at it. He fired at least five or six more times - probably had to reload - over what might have been 5 more minutes. It didn't look like he connected because the buck never flinched or moved. By that time, I was getting a little disgusted at the whole scene - and also had to get to work, so I left, shaking my head. The really bad part about this whole thing is that the other hunter was sitting right (exactly) where I had intended to sit that morning. (Next time I'll get up earlier!) Any comments on this incident would be appreciated. For example it raises the questions: Should the hunter have kept shooting after the buck ran back onto posted property? Would it have made a difference if he had wounded the deer with his first shot? (Another question of hunter ethics) Should I have done anything differently? (Besides getting up earlier.)
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