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Ticks, Wasps, Bees, Mosquitos

In that order.... I hate them absurdly strong.

When find a tick on me it's like my entire body itches and I can't stop until I know there are none on me. Had one crawling on my face last night while I was planting green beans in the garden. I had a bad experience with ticks before though. When I was about 17 or so I was helping some buddies haul and stack small hay bales and there was a storm coming in quickly- plus it was getting late. We had a trailer full of bales and ended up with no place to put them. The only place was this old house that sits on the property of my buddy's. We started chucking the bales through a broken out window and the rain started coming down. I accidentally stepped right into a NEST of ticks and didn't know it. With the rain coming down and the sweat rolling in the heat of the evening, I didn't feel them. I bet I had 100+ on me and I didn't realize it until I hopped in the truck. They were all over my legs and especially in the small of my back. I remember having to pry them off my jeans kinda like you would cockaburrs. Great.... now I'm itching

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