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Boy you aren't kiddin' that would be nice. I've been using Sawyer's Permathrin, seems to work well, they claim it will remain effective through 6 washings. The worst tick story I've heard, I have a young friend who hunts a half mile from me in South Illinois, spring turkey season of 2011 he came in from hunting and started feeling weak and disoriented, fell down but had the presence of mind to call 911. They rushed him to the closest hospital 20 miles away, doctors couldn't determine his illness and were actually losing him. They had him evacuated by air to a big hospital in St. Louis and their closest guess was something tick related but they lacked the expertise to treat him. They called in a lady doctor who is supposedly the leading doctor in the country in tick related afflictions and she was able to correctly identify the type of tick fever that he had. She said the incidence of this particular tick infection was roughly 1 in about a million. Anyway, she was able to save him. As he was telling me this story, he said the most informative fact he learned about his ordeal was that a 40 minute helo ride to St. Louis cost $27,000 dollars!!! Thank goodness for medical insurance!! Sorry for the length of this story, I thought it was worth sharing.
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