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Any Hunter's Ed Teachers Here?

I teach Alaska Hunter's Ed courses. Just got one done this weekend. The time alloted for one of these courses is pretty slim, so when we get to the range we're actually hustling them thru. They have to shoot 5 shots each (.22LR scoped rifles) at 25 yards in three positions (standing, kneeling and sitting) and then for qualification, put 4 out of another 5 shots into a 3" circle at 25yards any position.

My question is, many of these folks (we had 1 lady and two 11-y.o. kids) had never shot a rifle before. How much "coaching" do you do? I'm also an NRA Rifle Instructor, so I have the ability to coach the positions, but the time alloted doesn't allow that.

Do you just "hustle them thru"? I can't in good conscience put them out there with a certificate saying they're good to hunt when they can barely shoulder a rifle. Thoughts?

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