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haha good one. If you look really closely at the pic.. you'll notice the gun holding itself up and pointing itself at the innocent guy. The gun actually broke into the house on it's own to rob that poor poor guy. Can you believe that? NO? then why the heck are guns what we are banning? How about make prison sentences stricter and less "luxurious" (sp?), how about allowing the death penalty in every state? How about incorporating an "eye for and eye" law for people who want to harm others? How about holding people accountable for their actions instead of giving them 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances?

Sorry BB... but I was at the missouri state capital the other day and they just happened to be talking about the whole gun issue on the house floor. I heard a lady from St. Louis area get up and rattle off story after story after story about how these horrible guns caused all these bad things with young kids and young people. Never once did she say the shooter's name, never once did she say "if the gun was locked up appropriately this never would have happened", not once. That irritates me. Those people are blind to our world now. They honestly beleive that when given a chance all the people in this world will choose good over evil. NOT. I wish that were true. I wish those two guys hadn't made those bombs and blown up the marathon like that. They were idiots and they were stupid. But if you look carefully at the pictures of them walking the streets - I noticed one thing.... they look like NORMAL people. They don't look crazy. They don't look like they have a bomb in their bag. It's time to start holding people more accountable for their actions and stop babying every person in our society.

James 1:2-8
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