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Originally Posted by kenmore99 View Post
What would YOU do in this situation--The guy next door to my 160 acre tract is upset I wont let him hunt whenever he pleases--so everytime I go deer hunting (an hour long drive) to the property he waits until I get in my stand and releases 4 of his coon hounds onto my property to raise caine and hoot and holler and ruin the evening hunt--I have called the game warden who stated to take them to a pound where he will have to pay a fee to get the dogs but that is another hour long drive...any suggestions
Those are some game warden/s you got there!
Do all the local Game Wardens ask you to do their work for them?

I'm sorry but I have to be bold on this one, only because he's only releasing his dogs to tick you off that's which isnt very neighborly or Sportsmanlike BUT at this point here's what I would do.

I would call your "SO CALLED" game wardens and tell them you're having a problem with this neighbor, have the Game Warden/s meet you at your property, Explain to them what's happening THEN ask them to go along with you so you can tell this neighbor one final time with them as witnesses to stop releasing his dogs onto your property When you get to the neighbors make sure you have the game warden/s with you when you tell the neighbor He nor are his dogs allowed onto your hunting property at anytime and from this moment on if HE or his DOGS enters your property you will have no choice but to have him arrested and charged with trespassing or if it's his dogs you will not hesitate to shoot them, THEN turn to the game wardens and tell them to be sure to file a report of the warning you gave the neighbor and tell them you would like a copy of the report.

Good Luck to you...

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