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All you have to do is look back at WW2. Yamamoto, the Japanese Imperial Navy commander said "We cannot attack the American mainland, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass". Too bad the politicians can't understand this stuff. Thanks Big Bruce for posting the vote, everyone can see who did what in their respective states. Both of our jerk offs(Illinois) voted for it, no surprise there at all, I already had seen this list. Along this thought, a federal court ORDERED illinois to adopt a concealed carry law, deadline I believe is June 9. Today I see that " some Democrat and Republican senators" are already making an amendment to EXCLUDE Cook County and Chicago from being eligible. I am going to contact our state representative and ask her what in the hell this is all about. How can parts of a state just simply ignore a 'state wide federal mandate??? I guess I'm not very well versed.
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