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Default Background check vote

The background check law was defeated today! This is a small win for the gun owners of America! Some day the rest of America will understand that criminals will never abide by laws no matter how many you can make. Time has come to take care of the mentally ill in our country. Criminals should be dealth with quick trial and a quick carryout of an appropriate sentence. Our prison system has become a country club instead of a bad place to go to. Liberals in our Country will never get it, they simply have simple minds. To be able to demand gun control on honest Americans then turn a blind eye to the murdering of the un-born.........liberals are the problem! I am no demon-crate, nor replubo-crate not a libitarian either, no tea party member, I am however a Constitutionalist! sorry for all the miss-spells just wound up a bit.
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