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Originally Posted by Bud View Post
Sorry for the date on the picture it was taken today.My boss is now living on the 800 acres and is running a commercial greenhouse off of it.We are putting them ever 100'.It takes 80 just to do the frontage 1.5 miles long.I am make 400.I am sure it will help.I really cant believe not one positive comment
So you guys just let people run all over your land.I am a fighter and work hard my whole life for this spot and will do as much as possible to protect it
i dont "let" people run all over my land. i dont live and hunt in the same areas. so its not possible to protect it. im sure everyone here likes and respects your idea(i do) but unless i live on the land i cant police it. ive spent the $ to post the property and the trespassers and poachers dont care! just dont be suprised when you still find the evidence of those criminals on your property.
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