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Originally Posted by joel the signman View Post
Just wanted to check in and wish everyone a happy new year.Me and the wife are heading into NYC to see velvet revolver for the night.word is kid rock and lenny kravitz are supposed to show.should be fun its a smaller ballroom i saw axl/guns and roses there before nice place.If you watch the ball drop you'll see some of the many signs i built or worked on.pretty much everyone thats on the building is one of mine.all the big billboards i drilled the holes in the wall and made and installed all the steel.the numbers on top 2008 i installed them in the past and the structure steel is mine. I felt like bragging a little.hope everyone has a good time and remember to not drink and drive,watch out for the other guy and have a good time.Talk to yall in 2008
Signman, Happy New Year to you and everyone who uses this site!
And, by the way, being proud of your work (on the signs in Times Square) isn't bragging - it's healthy. As a matter of fact, thanks for making something that means so much to so many people! I know how you feel, as in my business (guitar making) I have made instruments for many of the most famous entertainers in the world - Paul Simon, Tim Mcgraw, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Sambora, Bill Romanowski (although, in his case, he probably just used it to hit someone over the head). I could fill this page with names. It makes me feel proud to see someone like Sheryl Crow on TV playing a guitar that I made - like I'm part of the concert in a small, but important way. Oh, and you mentioned Kid Rock - yeah, I made one for him, too. Actually, I met him when he visited our plant. Well, we're way off the hunting track, but, hey, once in a while... and it IS a holiday! To everyone: Have GREAT YEAR in ALL your endeavors, whatever they may be!
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