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So I spoke to a local bulldozer operator who is doing work around my hunting area and basically he will clear me a one acre field for cheap as a favor to my dad. I am going to have it done cutting into about 50 acres of heavily wooded area that is just crawling with deer and where many bed. Which brings me to a question for you seasoned vets....

When reading about different plants, what does it mean to have well, moderate, and poorly drained soils? This area is heavy soil and holds moisture through out most of the year under the surface. However, after a heavy rain the area may hold standing water (one to 3 inches) in it for a week or even two. Is this area considered poorly drained? moderatly drained? Since Texas cant seem to break our 10 year drought, I figure this is a good spot to plant.

What crops would grow/flourish in this type of soil? I'm thinking of planting a perrenial such as chicory/clover blend in the area....would this be a good choice? Are there better choices?
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