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Rifles with dropping floorplates or detactable mags

Most of the rifles I have are bolt actions with the dropping floorplates. It is really nice at the end of a day hunting to be able to clear the extra cartridges at the push of a button and then clear the chamber. I like the idea of a dropping magazine if it is quiet and locks up nicely in the rifle. Some of the detachable magazines change the feel on the bottom of the rifle and I don't think I would want that. I end up carrying my rifle for hours cradled in my hand with my hand right at the balance point. I would make sure to buy a spare magazine if I had one with a detachable magazine as I would figure out a way to leave it back at the camper or drop it in the woods. I know the rest of you in the forum are to smart for that but you let me be a member anyway....Thanks

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