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Another thought I've had on this subject is that over the years the rifles that I continue to keep are the ones that are nice to look at, great wood, maybe an off caliber in a lever action, something that makes it stand out. I know for many hunters the firearm is simply a tool for an end purpose so that low cost is the main object. Those are the guns that don't sit long with me and the ones that won't hold much re-sale value, if one thinks along those terms. I won't argue that beauty is in the eye of the owner, but a plastic stocked no frills run of the mill rifle just doesn't cut it for me. You can probably tell that I lean towards the collector side of guns, vintage I guess, like me . I'll take the best grade wood stocked rifle I can afford and know it will be one that I pass down through the family and one that begs me to shoot it. Maybe like the guy with a 63 split window corvette in the garage, kinda wish I could afford one of those. Some rifles are like vintage wine they only get better with time! Be patient and think hard what you want in a rifle before a mistake is made.
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