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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
the ruger m77 and all american or both good rifles. the Howa is a nice one also.remington has lost alot in quality control,never know if you will get a good one or not. Im not into the weatherby hype,dont really care for them. savage makes fine rifles also. As for the browning,I use a browning abolt in 270. the differance in a browning and others is like buying a lincoln or a pickup truck. while they both will get you were you wanna go,how do you wanna get there. if you use a browning you will see fast..................Browning,ruger m77, ruger all american,howa,savage,remington,weatherby. in that order IMHO
I guess my question as to what makes Brownings worth so much more money, is that i have to shoot others then shoot a Browning to see the difference?

I appreciate all of the advice. I have ACademy, Dicks and Cabelas coming soon near me. I think waiting for an sale in one of those places is probably the best bet? Gunbroker seems to be going over retail lately.
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