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Originally Posted by mohunter32 View Post
$1.50 for CCI Mini Mags? I've never paid that little for them. I remember back in the '90's paying $7 for a box of 100. We could buy a box of 100 Mini Mags for the same price as a box of 50 CCI Stingers. So for squirrel hunting, I bought Mini Mags. I do remember in the '80's the Federal Lightning ammo being really cheap. Sometimes we could get them for less than a dollar for a box of 20 or 25 rounds (my memory is slipping on how many was in a box). Two or three per box wouldn't fire. I've never had a misfire with CCI ammo.
I agree HM you find them for 1.50 a box ship some my way will be happy to pay you $3.00 a box

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