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GFD2, many times the bucks will knock them off the limbs I have hanging over mock scraps at night, as if they are mad,frustrated and move on. I at least know I have one buck in my core stand area. Many times if I can't get a good tree stand location near the natural scrapes then I use mock scrapes close by the rel ones to pull the buck into bow range. This tactic has worked several times over the years. Finding the natural buck travel routes with rub/scrape lines makes all the difference when using the rut products. Some will argue why use any scent when you know you have a hot buck travel route identified, my thoughts are, when he is down wind scent checking and doesn't get the message, you may not even know he was there. The rut products will send the message and generally cause a positive reaction. Nothing is ever as good as the real McCoy but might just give you a trophy of a lifetime?? This is especially true when low doe #'s are present and the bucks are traveling big time to find them.
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