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I'm sure we would all like to extend a Big Thank you to the Wildlife Research Center for once again, Donating their product for the Deer Hunter's Club Contest.
I'm not one for changing traditions either but I do think it would be good to have the "Pee on hand" for the upcoming deer seasons.
My theory is that using Pee isn't very effective anytime during the early hunting seasons and don't usually become beneficial until we move closer to a Buck's rutting periods.
So I'm thinking it would be good to get the Pee out to the hunters for like a Deer Hunters Club "Fall Extravaganza, Pee-On-Hand" Contest. LOL or some other catchy little phrase...

On the fly, Thank You, we appreciate all member input, my feeling though is that the new members have just as good a chance at winning in the contests as all the other members,
so personally, I think any contest the DHC does should be for all members to enjoy.

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