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Ive got 2 jokes

The Atheist hunter

there is a atheist hunter who]is married to a Christian woman and every sunday when his wife went to church he would go hunting well one sund day when he was hunting he was chatged by a grizzly bear and he prayed to God "Dear God Im not a Christian and I dont want to be but please let this bear be a Christian" then all of a sudden the bear stopped and folded its hands and said "Dear God I thank you for this mealIm about to recive".

The Genie in a bottle

One day a man was walking on the side of the shore and he found a genie bottle and we all know what he does next so he rubs it and a genie comes out and said "you have one wish" so the man replyed "well I want to go to Maui(its in haiwi) but Im afriad to go on an airplane and I get sea sick easy on any kind of boat so I want you to build me a highway from San Fransisco to Maui" the Genie says"Do you know how much man power that would take how many millions of tons of cement pick a new one" so the man says "well I would like to be able to unterstand my wife better" and the genie says "Two lanes or four"

does any one think those are funny?

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