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Thank you.

I put all of the seed in the ground yesterday (Mar 6th). Packed it in and looks really nice. Inoculated the Lab Lab, pea, sorgum mix and that was wuite fun...Definitly will let the seed dry more next time after using the slurry method. Spreading that seed was really more difficult it should have been.

Expecting rain on Sat and Sun (9th and 10th). Help me pray that we actually get the rain and my plants can grow, the weather man for that county prolly uses a dart board for his forcast .

Ill provide pictures if this stuff comes up....on the bright side I saw 13 trophy toms on the two days I was out there and this morning 3 of them were following a hen. Really early but there was a lot of hens being vocal as I top dressed one of the plots with some 21-0-0. Excited about my opening weekend on Mar 16th. I'm thinking of hunting near the freshly churned up dirt and see what pokes around
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