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A well though out plan is a great start. I started out rifle hunting PA and have moved to bow hunting the rut and late season flintlock hunting. All in all bowhunting probably ranks at the top of the list for pure hunting experience. Flintlock hunting is the easiest way to learn to be humbled by a wet pan charge. You are fortunate to have a great partner to learn the ways of the woods, sharing those memories, way to go you are doing it the right way. I have found that PA bucks are fairly easy to bow hunt compared to Michigan, Ohio bucks. Michigan deer seem to scan the tree tops looking for danger, PA bucks just act normal in their woods way and can be set up on by locating scrape and rub lines indicating a buck's travel routes. I have found that even during the rut, bucks tend to follow their established travel routes looking for hot does and thus can be taken in this regard. Ohio bucks are just so unpredictable that hunting them is maybe the at the top of the chess game of bow hunting. Don't forget to tell all your friends about the DHC!

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