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hog hunt trip update

yep this trip did not go as expected. i could write a book on everything that went wrong on this trip but ill keep it short. ill start with the weather.

Southern Alabama which is basically Florida. Should be kinda warm right. Wrong. First hunt Friday evening was raining and cold. Saturday morning was about 30 degrees with some killer wind. Saturday evening i would not know because i was stuck in the lodge throwing my guts out. But thats another story.

The lodge we at stayed was great. Much better than expected. Food was awesome. Owner was cool and down to earth. And the two guys he had working with him were cool and did anything they could to make your trip and hunt fun.

Fiday evening i get set up in my stand and see 7 little hogs right off the bat. Nothing in bow range though. 45 mins in my hunt i have 3 more cross a road 60 yards downhill from me. 1 hour in my hunt i have 3 boar hogs coming up the road 20 yds in front of me. I draw on the biggest (prob 150-175 pds) and release my shot. I hit him about 3 inches to the left of a perfect shot. He let out a sqeal and took off along with the other 2. Even though i did not hit him perfect i thought i got him good enough that he would drop in a short while. Either i gut shot him and pulled guts through and plugged the hole or the rain washed away any sign of the blood trail. My muzzy broadhead went all the way through and was covered in blood but we never did find him. Talk about disappointing. Nothing makes me sicker than losing wild game. The hog ran into some thick brush that you had to crawl through to try and find him. The people that run these hunts do not allow you to get down and track unless they are with you and have a gun. Which i understand completely. You dont want to be tracking an injured hog with a bow when the boar decides to try to eat you for lunch. Out of the four of us hunting that evening 1 guy shot a 127 lb boar. Another guy said he hit a limb and the other one passed up some small hogs waiting on a bigger one. We get back to the lodge and eat some awesome food, take some pics of the hog we brought back, shot some pool and hit the sack in preparation for the morning hunt.

Saturday morning we get up at 5. Im not feeling all that great but i figure its just lack of sleep. Get in my stand around 6 and start my next hunt. Its very cold and i see 0 hogs by 9:30. At 9:30 i start feeling sick and start upchucking over the side of my stand. Wanting nothing more than to be on solid ground while i lose my stomach i make my way down stopping every other second to hang my head over the side and heave. Needless to say after that I could care less about hog hunting. I just stayed on the ground until they came and picked me up around 11am. No one else got a hog that morning either. Hog sightings were low due to the cold weather. We get back to the lodge, i get out of the jeep and start throwing up again. I make my way back to my bed hoping a little rest will make it better. Wrong! As the day continues on I continue to hang my head in the toilet and heave every hour and a half. Needless to say i did not hunt in the evening. Matter fact i did not get out of the bed until we left that night at about 9:00pm.

The pics i promised just did not happen. After getting there i decided i would walk around and take some photos of the place on saturday after our morning hunt. But after i got to feeling bad i really did not care about photos. The owner of this place had some beautiful deer mounts and tons of nice looking fish hanging on his walls. Most of deer were from Canada so you can use your imagination to how big they were. I do have a couple photos of the hog that our member mike a. shot on friday evening. But im gonna give him a chance to get on here and upload them before i do it for him. He may have a better report for you since he did take a hog and felt fairly well the entire trip.
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