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Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 View Post
No police needed, no after school detentions needed, no scolding's, none of that is needed, I got a belt and 3 minutes that says that boy wont ever repeat this again and I'd have his butt back in class the next day Learning, like little 7 year olds should be doing in school!!!

I'd also like to add the boy doesn't seem the least bit scared, upset or traumatized because he's been handcuffed, if these kids were getting some guidance or discipline at home this sort of stuff wouldn't be happening while they're away from home.

That's the point BB-- this kid's not getting that type of punishment at home. Honestly, I know there are some school systems out there that do not make wise decisions,, BUT generally, the schools do make the correct decisions even if parents and community don't agree. Sometimes there are details and circumstances that schools can not disclose. Thus, the reason why Billy may have gotten a detention and why this kid got the police called on him. You can not treat all children the same when it comes to punishment. Some are repeat offenders some it's their first time. In my eyes, this kid had been testing the waters and the school had had enough. It was the last straw. This was the school's way of saying "OK PARENTS DO YOUR JOB NOW", but as you can tell it didn't work. The parents are sticking up for the kid and no lesson was learned. Honestly HM, detentions do not work. Kids this day and age don't care about staying after school. They don't have the same concept of time as you and I do. They do much more thorough thinking before committing the crime. They consider what the outcome will be, and they weigh the punishment. If they get attention and popularity from it, then a week's of detentions is worth it. Plus, if they know all it will do is make mom and dad pissed off at the school, it's a double win. Kids aren't afraid anymore of detentions and what your parents are going to do to you when you come home late. Now days, parents are ready and willing to fully believe their child's side of any story (no matter how crazy it is) and defend them to the point that their child actually feels praise for doing it. PLUS, let's not even mention this is how many children get ATTENTION from their parents. It's positive because the parents are fighting for them and they are not getting in trouble - whereas if the child did nothing at school, the parent would go right on doing whatever they wanted to do ignoring the kid.

this is a crazy world we live in these days. The good thing is this- I can assure all of you, that if this situation happened to every pre-teen boy in America who was being a horses-you-know what, the problem would be fixed. This kid is an exception. I guess now we can rest our heads assured....

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