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New to plots...any help appreciated

Hey guys, I'm new to the board and will be planting my first food plot for deer next week (plan on planting Mar 6th 2013 with decient chance of rain two days from then).

I hunt on a little over 400 acres in Victoria, Texas. Over the past few years we have notices quite an increase in quality of our bucks, dropping some 130 class bucks which is quite good for the area. I wanted to increase my deer size over the next several years as my dad wants to get into selling hunts in his retirement years and I would love to assist in making that a reality (as he is about 8-10 yrs from retirement so I figure I need to start now with a manangement program for results by that time). We have trophy turkeys (and a lot of them), bazillions of wild hogs, but the deer just are not appealing to a paying hunter IMO.

I currently fenced off 1/3 of an acre with 4ft goat wire by his blind as kind of a test plot. The rest of the land has cattle and I went with the goat wire to keep out the hogs. I have disced the area with a 4 wheeler disc and have applied 1000lbs of lime and 45lbs of 0-46-0 fertilizer as per the soil sample recommendations. I plan to plant tecomate lab lab plus in the plot and inocculate it. I feel that I have done a lot of research before doing this project so hopefully it's successful.

This however brings me to my questions for the board.... I have a 1000yd by 60ft wide clearing where the powerline company just came and cleared last year. I don't think I can fence it off without the company having a problem with access to thier lines, so anything I would plant there would have to open to cattle. I was thinking of planting a one acre test plot of chicory on this clearing to see if the cattle destroy it or if they actually help as chicory has to be mowed often. I chose chicory because my soil pH is withing chicory growing range and I would not have to lime for that plant. Anyone have an opionion on this? Will I just be wasting my time? Also anyone have any other advice for dealing with cattle and food plots?
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