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Once you have the basic loading/shooting/cleaning proceedures down pat, the next thing would be to try different bullets to find the one that shoots the best from your rifle. There will always be a combination that your rifle likes you just need to find it. Make sure the bore is dry before you drop the pellets in, and seat the bullet firm but don't crush the pellets. As you shoot more it all becomes automatic. You'll know from feel that you've seated it just right. Also, sight the gun in at 25 yds using a big sheet of cardboard from a good solid rest, I move the sight after two shots as long as I am grouping them together. Once I have the pattern 2" high dead center I then sight in at 100 yds. If you're going to scope it I then set the group 1.5" high for the final set point. After you have finished sighting in I make a permanet knife cut on the ram rod it can't wear off from solvents/cleaning ect. Hope this helps you get started. I am leaving tomorrow to chase the deer with my flintlock in PA. Us old timers still enjoy the true smell of black powder and the spark from real flints.
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