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seen about 20 boxes of 5.56 at Walmart last week. thought about getting a few(3 box limit), passed. went back a day later and all were gone. haven't seen any anywhere since till today at F&F.

I had stopped buying ammo from F&F when they raised the price for 45 acp from 16.00/50 to 25.00/50 for no apparent reason. anyhow, gave them another chance a few days ago and voila. Remington 22LR bricks for $18.00. went back today to pick up one more and all gone, but they had WW 55gr 5.56 on the shelf for $11.99/20ct box

LGS had lg pistol primers which are getting scarce

Sorry, this don't relate to reloading so much as it does to hoarding.
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