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Originally Posted by bullet810 View Post
I called randy when i blew my right hand off out hunting with the pipebomb they call tradition inline 50 cal. muzzelloader !!!! he understands the frustration and loss im going threw!!!! he makes it all clear and TRUE statements on this product! people need to know!!! and i commend him on having such knowledge on the subject! I hope you take this to heart and beleive everything he states because this has changed my life forever and the fact it was not my fault!!! makes me very angry! EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW!!!!!!! thanks randy for your sapport for us SAFE HUNTERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice try but I'm not buying your off the wall internet story about blowing your right hand off. If you want me to believe your story then you need to back it up with some facts like a newpaper report or a police report or a hospital report or a television news report. I think it's truly amazing how many "Unregistered" posters will chime in on posts with nonsense like this.

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