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Originally Posted by Jamber View Post
Wife got me a new Traditions Pursuit break-open....50cal nickle....being an absolute rookie to ML,for deer hunting, now what do I need....I want a simple scope, bullets, pellets, cleaning items....can you please advise me?
Jamber, Welcome to the Club, Before you get started I'd like you to get together with someone in your area that knows what they are doing with a muzzleloader. do any of your hunting buddies use a Muzzleloader? Do you have someone willing to give you a hand?

Anyway Here's a Traditions starter kit I think you should get, STARTER KIT That Kit doesn't come with powder So you'll need to also get ....
Triple Se7en pellets and lastly 209 Primers.
After that I think you're ready to get started. when you get all you need come back here and we'll give you tips on what to do next, step by step...
Good Luck

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