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This has been a great topic, so I will join in. Official trophies should be fair chase only. I don't believe that a 20,000 acre Texas ranch would not be considered fair chase, fences or no fences. In Ohio or PA where I hunt 100 acres might be a large tract of property. Everyone has a desicion to make regarding what rules they will hunt/live by. Having the oppertunity to enjoy open range expensive hunts where the outfitter does everything except pull the trigger is still a hunt for someone. All animals submitted for BC&PY should be put into a catagory relating to how it was taken. The famous Hole in the Horn buck should be submitted as a found deer and be ranked in that section. Fenced in deer then should be put into their section of the records. You will never get everyone to be honest or play by the rules. Hunters must look in the mirror and examine ourselves to see where we fall in the great game of life, how do we rank ourselves in the fair chase of the great outdoors. This may be a bit off the subject but ethics is a major problem today and needs cleaned up by teaching the youth the right ways of life and as hunters. Maybe then some of these issues would be looked upon in a different light. Happy Holidays to all!!!
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