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I especially think the first lady sitting by shooting victim families is also rude and somewhat disrespectful. First off, why can't the media just leave these mourning families alone? I'm sure Obama's admin gave this family some $$ to come to this speech and sit there with Mrs. Obama. They are trying to "play" on American's hearts. GUNS DID NOT KILL THOSE PEOPLE!!! The idiots that owned them did. How about instead of sending millions of $$ overseas we open up 500+ new mental hospitals? That's what our country needs. We have all these highly medicated nuts running around killing up the place because they are doped out of their mind or just down right mentally ill.

The harsh truth is this,, while I also "feel" for those who can not take care of themselves because of mental issues, they need to be in a place that is safe for them. I'm not talking about mentally retarded people or people with simple learning disabilties. I'm talking about people who are deemed "psychopaths".

There's a big difference between being "locked up" and being in a facility that provides care and a way of life for these type of mental illnesses.

Every single shooter in the past year has been some sort of Mental case. Just look at this cop guy who they just found burned to death after all that chase. There was a doctor on fox news that said this guy is a psychopath!

I guess I'm not understanding why it is ok for these dangerous people to live amongst us?

James 1:2-8
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