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Modern Rifles/Scopes are a solid choice...

I will admit to being a rifle and scope snob. Does the rifle have to cost alot? No it doesn't a case in point is the Marlin XL7s or XS7s. These work very well for a price point 50% of what I would normally steer someone toward in a rifle. Same thing applies to scopes, I am a Leopold Man and proud of it. I think that their high end line VX3 and up are some of the finest offered by anyone. Having said that I like the Redfield Revolution line, these are really good for also 50% of what a Leopold VX3 will cost you. Using my example is the end user giving up some performance with say a Marlin XL7 with a Redfield Revolution mounted on it. Yes - the plastic stock is nothing to be happy about. There isn't a dropping floorplate and the Redfield is not a one piece tube scope. Will the Whitetail know the difference, nope.....

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