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Joel, you've raised another really good issue. (Man, you never know where these things are going!) The idea of buddies who cheat, break the rules/laws, whatever, is a difficult one. Personally, I try to avoid guys who hunt in unethical ways. It's pretty easy to tell who they are - usually bragging a lot - so much so that eventually they slip and admit something that gives them away as hunter "slobs". On the other hand, if you have a long time buddy who makes an honest mistake and doesn't break the rules as a practice, I suppose I wouldn't turn him in. I once hunted regularly with a friend who, on one occasion accidentally shot two antelope from the same herd when he only had one tag. When the goat he shot at the first time didn't fall, he assumed a miss and took a second shot. Anyway, when the smoke cleared, there were two dead antelope. When this mistake happened the next year, that was the last time I hunted with him. He's still my friend, but that's all (not a hunting buddy). Honestly, I believe these were both mistakes, but showed a tendency to use bad judgement, which made me a little uneasy about hunting with him.
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