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Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
before next season i will probably be buying a new muzzleloader.. im leaning toward something with a 209 primer (thats the only thing i know for sure). im not leaning toward any brand. i currently use a knight 50 cal LK-93 with a musket cap nibble. (sick of messin with musket caps). im just wondering what other hunters are using and what they are happy with???? give me some feed back on this as i would like to just spend the money once.. BIG WORM is in the house

If anyone is looking to purchase a new Muzzleloader here's my advice.

You can choose the higher priced inlines with the fancy stocks and interchangeable barrels BUT in reality we already have our rifles so we dont need that interchangeable option. and I dont think Deer get excited over fancy stocks so why opt for them. What should be considered is Quality, Reliability, accuracy and PRiCE !!!!
I have a .50 cal Traditions Pursuit LT in full camo. cost me around 300 Dollars complete. it's a break open Inline and I lOVE it.
Target Magazine announced the top 4 Muzzleloaders for 2006 and would you believe the Traditions Yukon priced at around 150 dollars was one of the top 4?
What's that tell ya about Traditions Muzzleloaders, tells me you dont have to be highest priced to hang with the big boys...

SO before you go out and over spend Don't just take my word for it but, give a good look into Traditions before you Decide to make a final purchase.

Good Luck and Happy Safe Hunting
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