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Onehorse, My Guess is there's more being offered for that paid hunt more than just available land with a tree stand placement,, my guess is the deer are being grain fed full of specially formulated nutrients and minerals that promote antler growth possibly some steroid content to help develop larger body weight also.
IF it's just stand placement and available hunting land, I don't know why anyone would pay thousands of Dollars for that, my guess is they wouldn't... SO with that being Said I would say NO those Deer should not be entered into any record book. I think a Free ranging Deer is a deer that, lives where it wants to, travels where it wants to and Eats what it wants to. Feeding Deer on a daily basis is almost as bad as Fences (not natural growth)

TIMBERGHOST, you better hang onto that DISCO BALL todays youth may bring the disco craze back into stye, IF they do you'll be all prepared to boogie on down.. LOL
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