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It's a bit early, but starting to think what I want to plant in PA this year. The two food plots are about 1.5 and 1/2 acre. I have many trails I can till up around the property also. I have access to a Kuboto 4 wh drive with a 60" King cutter rototiller. I used it about 4 years ago and it does an amaising job leaving the dirt level like a sidewalk behind you. My initial thoughts are to just mix up several bags of stuff and fertilize it and see what grows. Clover, brassicas, chickory, maybe oats too. Open for suggestions. This will be a late spring planting like late May as soon the ground drys up. Brassicas may go into the small plot and kept separate. The trails might end up being planted with a good rye grass or something? Just thinking.
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