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I believe that we have enough laws as it is concerning gun control. I in believe in background checks and waiting periods. I mean c'mon its sole purpose is to make sure a proven violent person cannot buy a gun on the spot, and that an anger stricken person cant buy a gun on the same day someone pissed him off, to allow his emotions to subside. The ATF is GROSSLY understaffed, the laws written in loophole languages, and poorly funded. Here it is: im a registered democrat. I DO NOT however ride ANY party line. Im far right, far left, and also in between. Im guessing the majority of yall are Republican (which is fine lol) so dont go rippin' me. Im just trying to let everyone know that even though im democrat, you can pry my guns from these COLD STIFF FINGERS! :-) Im not for more laws im enforcing the laws on the books, they are more than adequate.

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