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Hit a deer with a bow for the first time and I need some experienced opinions

I hit my first deer last night (1/22/2013) with my bow at about 30 yards. I pulled back and put my 30 yard pin on her just over the vitals as she was standing broadside and let my arrow fly. I may have hit lower than I anticipated because of the arrow drop with her being a little further than I thought. I watched the deer take off, stumbled for a brief moment, but she quickly got back on her way. I know I hit her because after the herd was out of sight I grabbed my arrow which was coated in blood and white hair then headed back home. The blood was not brown, but it was dark red. There was not really a stench to it. I waited about an hour and started tracking the deer. I came across a few drops of blood within five yards of where I shot her at and it was a constant drip for roughly 50 yards, but after that the trail began to decrease. After I lost the trail due to lack of blood I went back in for the night and woke up as soon as the sun came out to go look for her. It was a high of seven degrees that night, so the meat would have been fine until morning. There is not a coyote problem where I live, so if she was down I figured she should have been there. I was still able to see the deer's tracks in the snow, so I picked up where I left off and came across three beds that had a fair amount of blood in them. I think there were multiple because I may have bumped her when I tried to track at night, but I am not sure. I need some opinions on where you all may think I could have hit her and if it was a fatal shot. Sorry if what I wrote was confusing, I was trying to add in as much detail as possible and may have made it more confusing than I intended.

Side note: I was driving around today (1/23/13) after tracking for about three hours and came across a herd that I believe to be the one that I shot the doe out of. They were all there and one of them was mangy looking and just seemed to be trailing behind a little. When I stopped and rolled down my window just to get a better look she was able to trot her way along pretty well.
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