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I would change who I hunted with . . .

I ask these questions because I've hunted with guys who seemed more interested in the damage they could do, the killing, and the mess they could make. They got quite a few deer, but the whole hunt was usually a beer-fest. The only joy I got from it was being in the wild and cooking our food over an open fire!

The moment they had a drop of alcohol and then reached for one of their rifles, I would have headed for the truck and beat feet the heck out of there. You don't combine alcohol and firearms together, period! But when you stated what they did when they shot their game on top of that, the first hunt would have been the LAST hunt I went on with them. "who seemed more interested in the damage they could do" to me means that their elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor, a couple cans short of a six pack, and/or somewhat seriously deranged. With that type of mentality, is anyone quite sure who or what would be hunted next?

I think someone already said this in this thread, but I would definitely try to find a different quality of hunting 'friends'.

My $.02 worth . . . . . .

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