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I cut around the head and cut the field dress cut up more to meet the head cut. I hang the deer by the head and noose both ears with a rope and keep pressure on the back of the head so that all the pulling force will be down the back of the deer. I then make cuts along the top of both front legs from the field dress cut and then circle cut at the bottom by the hooves. I then either by way of 4 wheeler or foot will begin the pull. By foot I just keep the rope tight as can be and stand on it using something for balance (tree). As I keep stepping the hide comes down and then I tighten the slack and keep stepping. As I reach the bottom of the hind legs I just circle cut by the hooves and a little slit up and the skinned deer just slides right out. Same for 4 wheeler. Noose aroung the ears and winch slowly. Much better when the hide is still warm because the hide just slides on down.
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