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Timberghost, the only "full-size" target I've seen haven't been full size at all. They may have a photo of a deer, but it's about half-size. Personally, I think that does more harm than good because it gives an incorrect distance image. I like using cardboard - it's available and cheap. I'll take a piece and cut it to the right size. For example, for a cow elk I'll use a 46x28 piece. I don't bother drawing head or legs as I don't aim for them. Next, I draw a pencil line where the heart/lungs would be. (I can't see this line from the dictance at which I intend to shoot). I set up the targets at different ranges and shoot at where the heart/lungs area should be. Another good thing about this kind of preparation (unlike the half-size targets) is that it gives good practise gauging distance of animals, so that in a hunting situation, you'll be more able to judge proper hold-over.I remember my uncle ,who was in the army during viet nam show me how to use a shot gun for ...lets call it "defense"Well he would take a pice of cardboard4x8 and put it in the tree line.then we would stand about 40 yrds away and slowly advance .Do you know that shotgun rounds will skip off the ground if you hold at the right angle.we had double 00 buck and slugs by the time we got to 20 yards the cardboard was shot to i guess what im saying is cardboard makes a good target.I will through this in there .When i was given my first gun at 6 i was told ammo was expensive and to make every shot count.My dad built me a target box to trap the BB's and pellets so i could shoot everyday.Because i shot everyday ,still do im a marksmen. the key to good shooting is this.Breath control. squeeze the trigger never pull.and if you really want to become a good shoot use iron sights,as my dad and his dad befor him said "scopes is cheating".Dont get me wrong most of my guns have scopes now cuz im getting older but to learn iron sights is the way.anyway the key is repition.shoot with your prefered gun and shoot often.Another thing to do is to practice bringing your gun to your shoulder .this you can do at home .just make sure the gun is empty and close your eyes and bring the gun to your shoulder then open your'll be amazed how often its not wher you can line up the sights,this trick is especially good for shotgunners who bird/ skeet shoot.try it andlet me know if im wrong.

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