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Looks like my chances of legally obtaining an ar 10/15 rifle have been squandered last night by the New York State Senate. I have been trying to locate one to buy for some time now and they are all out of stock and backordered for at least a year. I am deeply sadened by my state making it harded to live free and protect my family becasue we all know the goverment will not. NY already had severe restrictions on ar 10/15 style long arms.

Combined with the law is a mental health evaluation along with all gun owners to be registred by the state with 5 year renewal periods and the contant threat of confiscation in our governors own words.

I am just extrapolating but whos to say the goverement wont redefine what poor mental health is. 1.) Too stressed out, 2.) Being a God Fearing Christiian, 3.) Having Conservative Values. 4.) Being a registered Republican?

Trust in God for He is in control, we are only in it for the ride, whether we like it or not.

Tator. If you ever want to head up to NY, no idea why you would want to, but there are a bunch of us in Central NY that would welcome you! Your family could even stay at my house free of charge :)
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